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Business Coaching

As your Business Coach, I will help you create strategies that will work for YOU and your unique goals. I provide practical tools and accountability in a non-judgmental, encouraging atmosphere.


It’s crucial to the success of any company or organization that a coherent, unified message is being clearly communicated to its employees.

With my business coaching, executives will gain skills in:

  • effective leadership
  • conflict resolution  
  • effective communication across multiple levels in the company 
  • effectively managing your managers and your peers; influencing them positively to avoid direct conflict while also avoiding failure 
  • building a positive and thriving company culture 
  • improving employee morale and productivity 
  • successful interpersonal relationships, including empathy and connection
  • and more, depending upon your needs and goals

Having counseled countless individuals over the years who are dealing with problems in the workplace, I bring a unique and balanced perspective to those tasked with managing others. I have seen firsthand how poor communication can negatively impact an employee’s performance, ownership, and overall success. I’ll help you avoid common pitfalls to communication so you can build up your employees — because when they succeed, you succeed! 

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how many of these skills translate into the rest of your life as well! As you work on developing proficiency in these areas, it’s not uncommon to see positive growth and change in both your professional and personal life.


The ups and downs of entrepreneurship can be complicated, and unchecked stress can be a major blow to your progress.

With my business coaching, entrepreneurs and small business owners will gain: 

  • clarity on your goals for the business
  • motivation, direction, and time/self-management skills for achieving your goals
  • healthy habits for optimal performance
  • a winning mindset — how to maintain your composure, confidence, and keep your eye on the prize 
  • interpersonal relationship skills, including empathy, connection, and communication
  • methods for overcoming obstacles and getting “unstuck” from limiting beliefs and thought patterns 
  • and more, depending on your needs and goals

Did you know that many prominent entrepreneurs have ADHD? While this may seem like a curse to some, successful businesspeople have learned to harness their strengths and leverage the power of their ADHD to their advantage, and you can too!  

"Dr. Muggli and I have been working together for several years. Her insight into behavior-based leadership has enriched my ability to hire, train and properly motivate my team to improve performance and value. Her understanding of human nature is unsurpassed, and she has sage wisdom to guide even the most seasoned executive on how to manage a high producing team and their idiosyncrasies. I would highly recommend Dr. Muggli as your organization's partner in developing highly functioning teams."

- Dean Alverson, CEO CareValues, Inc.