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ADHD Coaching

As your ADHD Coach, I will help you create strategies that will work for YOU, to help with the challenges of day-to-day life. I provide practical advice and accountability in a non-judgmental, encouraging atmosphere.

Benefits of ADHD Coaching

Nancy A. Ratey, Ed.M., MCC, SCAC writes: “What can coaching do for you? It can help in:

  1. Identifying your specific strengths and weaknesses
  2. Setting realistic goals
  3. Learning to prioritize
  4. Creating necessary structures to stay on track and meet deadlines
  5. Utilizing strategies without giving up; becoming more resilient
  6. Improving organizational and time management skills
  7. Self-motivating by means of your “internal dialogue” and self-observation
  8. Learning productive ways to handle details of your daily life
  9. Improving personal habits, such as exercise and nutrition
  10. Setting up a more efficient environment to meet your needs.”

(Copyright 2009, Nancy Ratey,

ADHD Coaching for Students

I will help students learn:

  • how and when to study
  • how to prioritize assignments
  • how to stay focused
  • when to start a project or paper and how to organize it
  • how to add balance to your life – including relationships, social activities, exercise, nutrition, and stress management – not just your studies

ADHD Coaching for Adults

I can help you:

  • organize your tasks at home and at work
  • plan your daily schedule
  • set priorities
  • set goals and specific methods for achieving them on time
  • help you stay focused and on task
  • help you achieve balance in all aspects of your life – including work, relationships, social activities, stress management, exercise, and nutrition