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The Best Trait: Self-Compassion

Are you hard on yourself? Overly critical of yourself? Do you get angry with yourself for your mistakes or shortcomings? Do you find it easier ...
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Mindfulness 101: Who is it for, and How do I do it?

Maybe you’re familiar with the term mindfulness. But do you know who it’s for, why people do it, or how to practice it? Let’s start ...
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3 Tips for Transitioning to Fall

Ah, autumn. What a great season. The air is turning crisp, bringing some much-needed relief from a hot, sticky summer. The leaves are changing color, ...
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Neuropsychological Assessments Dr. Laura Muggli New York and Miami

How to Help Girls with ADHD

One of my areas of specialty is working with women with ADHD in New York City. I am passionate about this area because there are ...
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ADHD & Anxiety – Managing the Impact on Relationships

On June 3, 2013, I was privileged to speak at the CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) center in New York City on the ...
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The Link Between ADHD and Eating Disorders

If you struggle with an eating disorder, ADHD may be at the heart of it. Unfortunately, many girls are not diagnosed with ADHD until later ...
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3 Ways to Manage Depression – WITHOUT Medication!

Hopelessness. If you suffer from depression, you are probably all too familiar with that feeling. For many, the thought of being indefinitely dependent upon medication ...
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