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Does Teletherapy Work?


Video Therapy Session with Dr. Laura Muggli New York and FloridaPerhaps you’ve heard of teletherapy lately in apps such as Talkspace. It’s a relatively new phenomenon, but has gained a ton of traction as mental health continues to be brought to the forefront and de-stigmatized in American culture (the latter is a definite WIN!)

But I’ll cut right to the chase: Personally, I’m not a fan of telephone-only therapy sessions. I believe many of the benefits of counseling are lost when you can’t interact with people face-to-face. I’m not alone, either — many mental health experts are skeptical about the effectiveness of telephone therapy, as well as concerned about the potential dangers of it.

However, based upon the availability of video conferencing technologies, as well as current research backing it up, I do believe video therapy can be a very effective option for many people. Which is why I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be offering Teletherapy (not to be confused with telepathy — sorry, I’m not psychic!) video sessions for all my New York and Florida patients!

UPDATE – January 2024: I’m now PSYPACT Licensed, meaning I’m able to provide telehealth services to individuals in any PSYPACT participating state! Here’s the list of PSYPACT states.

If you’re busy, or traveling, or just not feeling up to leaving the house, I’m happy to meet with you over a HIPAA- compliant video conferencing platform. This will ensure the protection of private medical information, as well as the confidentiality of what you share with me in our sessions.

I’m very excited for this, as I know it will open up the possibility for more and more people to prioritize their mental health and take advantage of the opportunity thanks to modern technology!

Does Teletherapy Work?

Teletherapy is not advisable for every issue or type of therapy, but for some it can be just as effective as in-person therapy. For example, research has shown that CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) can be as effective via video as it is in traditional in-person therapy for some conditions. A article cited studies that revealed that some patients with OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and eating disorders responded just as favorably to video therapy as in-person therapy. (source)

On the other hand, teletherapy may not be advisable for more hands-on forms of treatment or more severe cases where face-to-face interaction is necessary.

Some of the benefits of teletherapy include: 

  • flexibility in scheduling
  • convenience for both therapist and patient, especially those who travel
  • time-savings, as no commute is necessary
  • patients may feel more comfortable over video in the privacy of their own home than in-person
  • provides a solution for patients who live in more rural areas and don’t have access to a local therapist
  • younger/ more tech-savvy patients may prefer video interaction

If you’re experiencing anxiety, feeling depressed, going through a life transition, wanting to make a change in your life, or need help reaching goals, you may benefit from video therapy.

The Details:

  • You must reside in a PSYPACT participating state – click here to view the list
  • Sessions are 50 minutes long (initial consultation of 15 minutes is free; first full-length session may run up to 60 minutes, but thereafter will be 50 minutes)
  • Sessions are conducted through a HIPAA-Compliant platform to ensure confidentiality and protect your privacy

Contact me today if you’re interested in learning more about video therapy or to see if video therapy is right for you.