IQ Testing

IQ Testing

Offices in New York City, Westchester, and Miami

IQ Testing in New York City and Miami Dr. Laura MuggliIntelligence Quotient (IQ) testing is also known as cognitive testing or intellectual testing. It’s a method used by psychologists to determine a person’s intelligence level.

IQ testing is commonly used for adolescents and teens entering private schools or boarding schools, where high intelligence and academic achievement levels are required.

Dr. Laura Muggli specializes in IQ testing in New York City, Miami, and Zurich, Switzerland (coming soon!) as part of the entrance process to several private schools.

Her years of experience and clinical training with adolescent and teenage development and functioning, as well as her extensive knowledge of the IQ testing process and methods, ensure that she is more than qualified to complete these evaluations for entrance into private or boarding schools.

As with any psychological test, IQ testing should not be relied upon as the sole method of testing. It can, however, be useful in determining learning strengths and weaknesses when combined with other academic tests and conducted by a professional trained in psychological development.

IQ testing and academic testing can help with school admissions, school accommodations for students with learning disabilities, and to determine eligibility for certain educational programs.

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