ADHD Psychologist in New York City

ADHD Psychologist in New York CityAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) affects nearly 8 million adults in the United States. Are you one of them?

ADHD is characterized by inattentiveness, impulsivity and hyperactivity – or any combination thereof. It affects all facets of life: work, school, relationships and everyday tasks. If you struggle with procrastination, disorganization, trouble managing your workload, chronic lateness or difficulty maintaining healthy relationships, you may suffer from ADHD.

Dr. Laura Muggli takes a holistic approach with her patients. She will perform a comprehensive assessment to determine the best course of action and will provide the structure and practical tools you need to better manage your life.

Additionally, she will help you address your interpersonal issues by seeing how your ADHD has affected your relationships. As she listens with understanding, Dr. Muggli will encourage you to accept yourself, rid your life of shame, and view yourself in a non-judgmental manner.

Dr. Muggli is dedicated to the public awareness of ADHD and the surrounding social issues and stigmas that accompany it. She has appeared in the Documentary ADD and Loving it?! 2009 and more recently was interviewed by Dr. Stephen Snyder regarding Women with ADHD which is one of her areas of specialty. She also trained under Sari Solden, a well-known and respected figure in the field of ADHD.

Dr. Muggli also provides ADHD Coaching in New York City.

For diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in New York City, contact Dr. Muggli at (212) 787-7771 or send her a message.